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The Three Most Popular PMU Services

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The Three Most Popular PMU Services

Beauty trends are constantly evolving. Just look at eyebrows for example. A few years ago, thin eyebrows were all the rage. If it looked like you filled in your eyebrows with a literal pencil, you were golden. Now, thin eyebrows are considered a makeup faux pas and thick brows are in. 

Similar to eyebrows, makeup application has changed dramatically over just a few years. Today, permanent makeup, offered from places like DC Micro, has become a popular staple in the beauty industry. If you’re interested in trying out permanent makeup for yourself, check out three of the most popular permanent makeup services down below.

Microblading. If you have ever heard of permanent makeup before reading this post, you’ve probably heard of microblading. With this procedure, tiny, semi-permanent micro pigments are applied to the eyebrows with a microblade. Hence, the name “microblading.” It is a process similar to tattooing.

The initial microblading procedure takes about 2-3 hours. Before the initial treatment, you’ll meet with a technician for a one-on-one consultation to discuss the shape and color you would like your eyebrows to be. Once you’ve completed the first procedure, your eyebrows may look a bit dark and scab a little bit, but those symptoms should last only a few days. Then, you’ll come in 30 days or so after the first appointment for any touch ups.

Why get your eyebrows microbladed? Well according to, it saves people a lot of time doing their makeup in the morning, as eyebrows are often the most tricky part of any makeup routine. With your eyebrows already done, you’re free to focus on the other parts of your makeup routine and can get out the door quickly. 

Permanent Eyeliner. Are you one of those people who cannot go a day without wearing eyeliner? Then permanent makeup eyeliner might be for you. Similar to filling in your eyebrows, applying eyeliner can be extremely difficult. Not only do you have to worry about getting a straight, smooth line on both of your eyes, you have to make sure that the eyeliner on both of your eyes is even. 

Permanent eyeliner can help get rid of some of that stress. Similar to microblading, you’ll go through a one-on-one consultation and the initial treatment which can last 2-3 hours. Then, you’ll come back in after 30 days for a checkup. Your eyelids may also swell and scab slightly.

Permanent Lipstick. Many women complain about having thin lips, and this procedure is a solution to that pesky problem. A permanent lipstick tattoo can be used to plump up lips and correct any symmetry issues. Additionally, it can help darken the lips, but not in a way that looks overly done up. Many with permanent lipstick also layer on their favorite lipstick products for a more dramatic look. This is a great alternative to lip fillers and other plastic surgery procedures. 

Including the consultation, the procedure usually lasts around 2-3 hours. It is common for lips to swell slightly after the procedure and scab.

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